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Our work drives the reallocation of investor capital to low-carbon companies. Each year, we publicly rank the world's largest companies on their carbon emissions data, as part of the ET Carbon Rankings. Using this data, we inform investment strategy by helping investors identify, understand and manage carbon and climate-related risks.

We provide investors with corporate carbon emissions data, portfolio carbon analytics - including footprinting and reporting services - and low-carbon and fossil-free low-carbon indexes. These indexes are designed to act as the next generation of index benchmarks or as the basis for investable products.

Aligning investment strategies with the transition to a low-carbon economy does not mean sacrificing performance. Each index within the ET Low Carbon Index Series has outperformed its benchmark over the last 5 years and we expect this trend to continue.


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The only public Carbon Ranking of the world’s largest listed companies. The Rankings highlight carbon efficient companies, and those who report on both direct and supply chain emissions. Organisations can purchase our comprehensive carbon data set, with access to 2,000 companies analysed directly by ET Index Research, as well as modelled data available for all companies in Bloomberg (includes SICS mapping).

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing the ET Carbon Data Set.




Our Free Portfolio Analytics helps investors align with best practices (e.g. Mark Carney’s Task Force Recommendations) and growing regulatory pressures, through an easy-to-read online dashboard and modular scorecard report. The free service includes a carbon footprint across Scope 1 - 3 emissions categories and alignment with Science Based Targets, for multiple portfolios.

Premium Analytics modules (e.g. ESG analysis), access to the underlying data and additional consulting are paid-for services.

Please contact us if you are interested in trialling the Free ET Portfolio Analytics service.




The only low-carbon and fossil-free low-carbon index series based on a fully transparent, public ranking of all index constituents, via the ET Carbon Rankings. Different emissions reduction options and custom strategies are available. ET Index Research actively engages with constituent companies to improve disclosure and lower emissions on behalf of clients. Investor clients also use the ET Low Carbon or ET Fossil Free Low Carbon Index Series, as a main or supplementary portfolio benchmark.

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