About ET Index Research

ET Index Research helps investors and corporates identify, understand and manage carbon and climate-related risks.

ET Index Research provides investors with corporate carbon emissions data, portfolio carbon analytics – including footprinting and reporting services – as well as low carbon and fossil free indexes, designed to act as the next generation of index benchmarks or as the basis for investable products.

The ET Low Carbon Index Series is underpinned by the public and transparent ET Carbon Rankings – in combination, this is designed to reduce carbon exposure for investors but also to act as an engagement tool to encourage constituent companies to lower emissions. See the full suite of ET Low Carbon and Fossil free index factsheets here.

ET Index Research was spun out of the not-for-profit Environmental Investment Organisation (EIO) in 2014 with funding from the Climate-KIC, the European Union’s main climate innovation initiative. The company was initially nurtured at the Imperial College Innovations Incubator, working with Imperial College’s Risk Management Laboratory to validate its models and methodologies. ET Index Research has since moved into offices in Canary Wharf, joining the Level39 community.

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