ET Portfolio Analytics

Sample ET Portfolio Analytics Report output – free trial available for investors and asset managers.

Why Investors are using ET Portfolio Analytics services

ET Index Research can calculate the carbon footprint of any investor portfolio. The results can be presented in the form of a customised report, to make it easy for you to explain to key stakeholders. Our Analytics service is underpinned by the ET Carbon Data Set, an in-house analysis of the world’s largest listed companies, representing approximately 85% of global market capitalisation. The ET Emissions Inference Algorithm integrates the new Sustainable Industry Classification System™ (SICS®) from SASB®, the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board®, and historical carbon emissions data. This inference algorithm enables the inclusion of any security in the footprinting analysis.

Contact us if you want to learn about how ET Portfolio Analytics services could benefit you and your clients. ET Index Research offers a free service for new clients, alongside additional premium analytics.

  • Carbon footprinting available for all major securities.
  • Coverage of Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scopes 1, 2 & 3.
  • Portfolios can be compared to multiple benchmarks.
  • Results can be used to fulfil disclosure requests, e.g. French Energy Transition Law, The Montreal Pledge.
  • Additional forward-looking metrics available beyond carbon footprinting, such as alignment with science-based decarbonisation pathways, fossil fuel reserve exposure, carbon price sensitivity analysis and other ESG factors. These are packaged in a custom modular scorecard format, to make it easy to interpret for your stakeholders.